Christian Lifestyles 2006

We are on a journey to move closer to the life Jesus taught us about. Each Sunday, we will discuss another small step and hopefully throughout the week, we will all have a chance to join in and continue the discussion until we meet again.

Just a note before you begin. This is in chronological order, so please read from the bottom up and then feel free to comment and join in.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

First Session: Abundant Life: What is it?

This morning we spoke about what is a reasonable lifestyle, as Tony called it.

First, if you are wondering about who is our video host for these sessions, click on Tony's site. Don't forget to come back!

Our bible verses are: Matthew 5:-1-12 (The Beatitudes); Luke 6:20-36 ; Mark 4:1-20 (The Parable of the Sower); Isaiah 55:2-3 ; Romans 12:1-2 (Living Sacrifices); Mark 10:17-31 (The Rich Young Man); Galatians 5:13-25 ; I Corinthians 7 (Marriage); Luke 12: 16-34 (The Rich Fool).

[By the way, I will try to have the new scriptures ready before next Sunday so you just have to click and read them while preparing for our lesson.]

Take a moment read these and then we'll continue.

Comments so far? How do you answer the comment by John Wesley that we "Work as hard as you can to earn as much as you can, to spend as little as you can, in order to give away all that you can?"


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