Christian Lifestyles 2006

We are on a journey to move closer to the life Jesus taught us about. Each Sunday, we will discuss another small step and hopefully throughout the week, we will all have a chance to join in and continue the discussion until we meet again.

Just a note before you begin. This is in chronological order, so please read from the bottom up and then feel free to comment and join in.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Week 2: Money: How Poor Does Jesus Want Us to Be?

Last week we looked at how we can have an abundant life by concentrating on what a reasonable life is. This week we will look at what Jesus tells us about wealth and how we can take his teachings seriously in our 21st Century consumer society.

Our bible references for Sunday are: Matthew 19:16-24 (The Rich Young Man); Matthew 25:31-46 (The Sheep and the Goats); Matthew 5, 6, 7 ; Matthew 16:24; 1John 3:16-18; James 5; Acts 2:41-47 (The Fellowship of the Believers); Phillippians 3:13-14 .

After reflecing on these words from scripture, consider this:

  • What "owns" you. What are the material and non-material things that keeps you from the simple (the reasonable?) life?
  • How is affluenza a burden to us?
On Sunday, let us come together in praising God and doing His will.

See you there.


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