Christian Lifestyles 2006

We are on a journey to move closer to the life Jesus taught us about. Each Sunday, we will discuss another small step and hopefully throughout the week, we will all have a chance to join in and continue the discussion until we meet again.

Just a note before you begin. This is in chronological order, so please read from the bottom up and then feel free to comment and join in.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Week 3: Time: Discussion

As you might guess, after our spirited discussion- and a renewed interest in simplifying our life and then finding more time for God, church and family on the Sabbath- I simply ran out of time to get this prepared on Sunday. I will be back to complete this.

Ironic, isn't it???

If you need it, I'll prepare the entire list of where the time went.

I think it is part of God's disciplining us (Ralph spoke on that today). If he's not doing that, he doesn't love us. So we are feeling quite loved today.


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